The First Nutritional Supplements Company in Romania - Supporting the Health of Romanians for Over 29 Years


In 1994, in Bucharest, a family convinced of the incredible benefits of complementary medicine and driven by a desire to promote a healthy lifestyle while supporting the health of Romanians, founded COSMO PHARM®, the first nutraceutical company in Romania. This company was exclusively designed, created, and dedicated to nutritional supplements, pioneering the concept of dietary supplements at a national level and paving the way for other corporations that would follow in its footsteps over the years.

With extensive experience in both conventional medical practice and the complementary field of preventive medicine, Dr. Aurelia Talpos, the co-founder of COSMO PHARM®, introduced Romania's first Coenzyme Q10 formula, the first antioxidant complex, the first nootropic (Neurotonic®), and the first entirely plant-based, vegetarian, and vegan laxative (Herbolax®).



Where Innovation and Research Begin


The journey that followed was challenging, focused on continuous development, expansion, refinement, and revolutionizing products. Over the last 29 years, we have consistently invested in technological progress, staying abreast of the latest discoveries in the relevant market. We have launched unique and exclusive formulas for the national market, ranging from vitamin and mineral complexes to nootropics made from standardized extracts, highly concentrated fatty acids, and exceptional antioxidants, all aimed at improving the health and quality of life for Romanians. With a nationwide distribution already in place, and following the modernization of our three fully automated and computerized production lines equipped with Romania's most advanced production technology, COSMO PHARM® has reached its technological peak, evolving to an industrial level of production.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years and our desire to offer our customers a wide range of quality and effective products, COSMO PHARM® has specialized in the production, import, and sale of the most advanced natural therapies. We have expanded our external partnerships, collaborating with some of the world’s largest manufacturers and most renowned research laboratories: TISHCON CORP. (Q-Gel®, Active Q®), Kaneka™ (QH™), DSM (resVida® Resveratrol), Ixoreal (KSM-66® Ashwagandha), AkerBioMarine™ (Superba2™ Krill Oil), FMC (EPAX® Fish Oil), Sabinsa Corp., and many others.

COSMO PHARM® has always remained true to its initial vision of meeting the needs of consumers of natural supplements by offering one of the most extensive ranges of high-quality natural products for all ages (children, youth, adults, elderly), with varied applicability, but at affordable prices for patients.




And because at COSMO PHARM® inspiration comes from nature, we are obligated to protect it and contribute to a cleaner environment! Out of respect for the environment, we use renewable energy provided by geothermal heat pumps, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuels such as gas, wood, or diesel. As a result, the products are stored in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity, preserving the beneficial characteristics of the natural supplements for an extended period of time.

To become a self-sustaining production facility, COSMO PHARM® has installed an alternative system for generating green energy through a solar panel park that captures solar energy. The high-performing installation annually provides 124MW of renewable energy and is designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere during the production process of natural supplements.


Suntem pasionati de starea ta de bine. Misiunea COSMO PHARM® este de a fi alaturi de toti cei care cauta echilibru si sanatate in natura, elaborand mai mult decat simple suplimente alimentare. Fiecare produs reprezinta materializarea unui concept de viata sanatoasa, gandit si creat de specialisti cu inalta pregatire profesionala, inspiratie, talent si respect pentru tine si starea ta de bine. Suplimentele alimentare COSMO PHARM® sunt concepute din extracte naturale standardizate si ingrediente testate clinic. Produsele sunt concepute atat pentru preventie, cat si ca tratament, fie individual, fie complementar medicinei alopate.


Inspiration Comes from Nature


Tradition and Quality

COSMO PHARM® represents tradition and products that contain superior quality ingredients, carefully selected by professionals with over 29 years of experience in complementary medicine. All COSMO PHARM® dietary supplements are notified in accordance with Regulation EC 1925/2006, revised 2021/468 on March 18, 2021, and Law 56/2021 published in the OFFICIAL MONITOR No. 332 on April 1, 2021, with the Ministry of Health, I.B.A-S.N.P.M.A.P.S, and the Regional Public Health Center - Iasi.

Our products excel both in meeting the quality standards imposed by national authorities and in relation to European standards, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) criteria, and US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) guidelines.

We design products in complex formulas made from standardized extracts, which guarantee the same maximum concentrations of natural ingredients in each product, regardless of the batch.

Our offering includes unique and exclusive products on the Romanian market, the fruit of many years of research and studies. We were the first to introduce in Romania, in 1994, the Antioxidant Complex and the revolutionary product Coenzyme Q10, and today we are the only ones offering our customers the next generation of Coenzyme Q10: Active Q® Ubiquinol® - the unique active form of Coenzyme Q10, Kaneka™ patent, based on Bio-Q-Sorb® technology (exclusive patent of TISHCON CORP.).
To maintain the highest level of quality, efficacy, purity, and safety of our products, COSMO PHARM® has implemented quality management systems (ISO 9001), environmental management systems (ISO 14001), and food safety management systems HACCP (ISO 22000) since 2003. These three ISO standards can be found on all our product labels.

COSMO PHARM®'s portfolio has consistently expanded with effective dietary supplements for a wide range of health issues, currently featuring over 100 products carefully selected by our experts.

To protect our products against replication, we have over 50 of our own trademarks registered with OSIM. Our protected products carry the ® symbol next to their name, signifying exclusivity.
  • Natural remedies with optimal formulas, suitable for all ages.
  • Ingredients of the highest purity, sourced from the world's leading raw material producers for dietary supplements.
  • Products created using advanced, patented technologies, developed in research laboratories that meet the highest quality standards.
  • Maximum bioavailability and standardized extract ingredients ensure the quality and efficacy of the products, regardless of the batch.
  • Formulas with high-concentration ingredients that guarantee immediate absorption into the body, ideal for meeting daily nutritional needs.
  • Dietary supplements specially designed for those oriented towards a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, 100% organic, free of allergens, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, sugar, sodium, wheat/gluten, eggs, and dairy.
  • Quality, efficacy, purity, and safety guaranteed through notifications made by the Ministry of Health, IBA-SNPMAPS, CRSP-Iasi, and the three implemented ISO systems.
  • Environmentally friendly production system.
  • We do our utmost to offer you the best quality-to-price ratio.