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CITRUS LIMON – 10ml pure, cold-pressed LAMAIE essential oil for internal use.
100% WHOLE
High quality, undiluted, concentrated essential oil from fresh organic vegetable sources.

Carefully extracted by cold pressing, a traditional method of isolating the beneficial compounds from the peel of the fruit.

100% PURE
The essence of the plant is extracted in a controlled manner, in sits pure, active and unadulterated form, without solvents, additives, preservatives or artificial flavors.

The first citrus fruits appeared on Earth 8 million years ago, and archaeological evidence shows that lemons have been cultivated for over 4,000 years. In Israel the sour fruit was used as part of Jewish rituals and was known as the “fruit of health.”


Lemon essential oil was often used in various types of spiritual healing, as lemon essential oil was believed to cleanse the body of impurities and help increase the flow of positive energy in the body.

The name “lemon” originated between 1350-1400, from the word “nimbo,” an ancient word of Indian origin, later adapted to the name “lemon” by the Persian people and Arab traders.

Lemon (Citrus limon) is a tropical tree species native to Asia, northeast India (Assam), northern Myanmar and China. The lemon was introduced into southern Italy around 200 BC and cultivated in Egypt and Iran since 700 BC. By 200 AD, the Moors had spread lemon throughout the Mediterranean basin, as far north as Italy, where it became popular among the Roman elite.

Sicily began cold-pressing the essential oil by hand, a practice that continued for centuries. As time went on and widespread use of the oil increased, it became a valuable element in aromatic medicine, with ancient healers quickly recognizing the healing properties of lemons in treating infectious diseases and reducing fever.

In ancient China, lemon oil was used to treat bronchitis, parasites, bleeding gums, malaria and gastrointestinal problems (diarrhoea, dysentery and sluggish digestion). In Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the antiseptic and antibacterial properties helped treat wounds and prevent infection of cuts.

Cold pressing is the most popular method used to extract and isolate lemon essential oil from the peel of the fruit. The high concentration of compounds in lemon essential oil such as Limonene, α-Pinene, Camphene, β-Pinene, Sabinene, Myrcene, α-Terpinene, Linalool, β-Bisabolene, trans-α-Bergamotene, Nerol and Neral have a wide range of beneficial effects on the whole body.

Lemon contains almost double the amount of vitamin C needed in our daily diet and nutrients such as vitamin B, calcium, iron, potassium and zinc. Lemon essential oil is considered a symbol of longevity, purification, love and friendship. Lemon essential oil can be diluted and applied topically to the skin, as well as diffused into the air and inhaled, and is a powerful natural bactericide.

When consumed regularly, it improves the mood, boosts the immunity and helps in defending the body from infections, reduces the risk of stroke, stimulates the lymphatic drainage and tones the circulatory system. Known for its detoxifying properties on the liver, lemon essential oil also helps improve digestion by increasing pancreatic secretions.

It is used topically to treat skin problems such as broken capillaries, varicose veins and bruises. Lemon essential oil is known for its cleansing properties and is widely used in skin care solutions and to effectively neutralize household odors.

When diffused, its fresh and tasty aroma fights exhaustion, helps with depression, cleanses the skin, kills viruses and harmful bacteria and reduces inflammation.

BENEFITS of lemon essential oil (internal administration):

  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-infectious
  • Antioxidant
  • Immunostimulant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antidepressant
  • Antiemetic
  • Digestive


  • infections
  • inflammations
  • low immunity
  • skin irritations
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • digestive disorders
  • anxiety
  • stress management

It may be combined with essential oils of: eucalyptus, frankincense, lavender, mint, rosemary, thyme.


» For internal use, diluted with honey or edible oil:

3-4 drops two times a day. The dose is mixed in a teaspoon of honey (diabetics: a quarter teaspoon of edible oil). Use for 7-14 days.

It may be repeated after a 2-week break

» For internal use in empty vegetable capsules

Administration in capsules allows a better assimilation of the oils, as they go directly into the stomach where they act at the gastric level. Open an empty vegetable capsule, introduce the essential oil with the syringe/dipper together with the edible oil as indicated on the leaflet, and close the capsule. It is recommended to swallow the capsules immediately.

» For external topical use, diluted:
In order to avoid any discomfort, dryness and irritation of the skin, or even the rapid evaporation of the essential oils, it is recommended to apply them together with an almond or argan oil. In massage therapies, it is recommended to use diluted in oils with a firmer consistency. Do not apply on open wounds, irritated skin or sunburn. Test in advance

a small amount on an area of skin.

» Aromatherapy, inhalations:
It is used in ultrasound diffusers and aromatherapy lamps, both for its benefits to the body (relaxing, anti-allergic, decongestant) and to cleanse and disinfect the room of bacteria, fungi and mold spores. Cold inhalations are recommended for relaxation, or hot inhalations (1-3 drops) in respiratory diseases: rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, etc.

Packaged in glass container with dripper for:

  • obtaining a controlled dosage
  • avoiding the volatilization of the oil on contact with the air
  • not to be compromised by external organic matter

To be protected against air, light, humidity and high temperatures.


The product contains 100% natural, 100% pure essential oil of Lemon. Obtained by cold pressing the peel of the fruit of the Citrus limon plant.

100% pure natural whole essential oil of Lemon (Citrus limon). 10 ml

STORAGE CONDITIONS: at room temperature, away from light and humidity.

* Produsele comercializate prin intermediul site-ului Citește mai mult »sunt suplimente alimentare. Suplimentele alimentare nu inlocuiesc o dieta variata si echilibrata si un mod de viata sanatos. Acestea nu necesita prescriptie medicala si nu inlocuiesc un tratament prescris de medicul specialist. Efectele produselor variaza de la o persoana la alta in functie de stilul de viata, metabolism, varsta, stare de sanatate, etc. Nu este obligatoriu sa obtineti rezultatele asteptate, sau cele obtinute deja de persoanele care au utilizat produsele noastre. In cazul in care suferiti de anumite afectiuni, se recomanda consultarea medicului inainte de a folosi produsul. Nu trebuie sa folositi informatiile prezente in aceste pagini cu rolul de a diagnostica sau trata oricare probleme de sanatate sau boala sau de a inlocui medicamentele si tratamentele prescrise de persoanalul medical autorizat. Cititi cu atentie descrierea, eticheta, ambalajul sau prospectul produsului inainte de a-l utiliza!

* Toate imaginile sunt cu titlu de prezentare.

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CITRUS LIMON – Lemon Essential Oil Internal Use 10 ml
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CITRUS LIMON – Lemon Essential Oil Internal Use 10 ml
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