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“Garlic is a healer!”

Hippocrates – About garlic.

If you wondered what garlic (Alium sativum) is good for, find out that it works successfully to strengthen the immune system, detoxify the body, helps reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, helps  preventing cholesterol deposits and atheroma plaques on blood vessels, etc.

Garlic has been used in natural medicine since the time of the well-known Greek physician Hippocrates, who prescribed it to treat a large number of ailments. Modern science confirms the benefits of garlic supplements, ranked first in the hierarchy of healing extracts, along with curcumin and ginger.

The benefits of garlic for the body and the effects on health

Odorless garlic is a superconcentrated extract (100:1) obtained through a controlled method from 1000 mg of fresh deodorized garlic bulbs that ensures the preservation of all active principles.

Odorless garlic contains: diallyldisulfide, allin, allicin, selenium, enzymes and numerous trace elements. Allin, allicin and diallyldisulfide are 3 compounds with thiol groups that help preventing the attack of free radicals.

At the same time, garlic is one of the best natural sources of germanium and selenium, effective in regulating the activity of the thyroid gland and stimulating the immune system.

Garlic has properties and benefits in the case of infections and parasites. Garlic has antibiotic action, through the presence of the thiol groups of the components, acting on a wide spectrum of bacteria, fungi and even parasitic worms.

Garlic also contains unsaturated fatty acids and gamma-acids. The presence of a high percentage of these acids favors the biosynthesis of prostaglandins E2 (PGE2), which suppresses the biosynthesis of thromboxane A2 (THA2). The increase in the rate of PGE2 and the decrease in THA2 cause peripheral vasodilatation more than vasoconstriction, an effect that normalizes blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

Likewise, unsaturated fatty acids produce a decrease in cholesterol and the LDL fraction, as well as an increase in the HDL fraction. This property reduces hypercholesterolemia and helps prevent lipid peroxidation. Thus, garlic oil is a good choice in the management of atherosclerosis and gallstones.

Garlic supplements have benefits in stimulating and synthesizing insulin; this property is very useful for diabetic patients.

Garlic has possible adverse reactions if it is administered before, during, after treatments/surgical interventions, as it increases the risk of hemophilia.

Garlic has contraindications in the case of administration by those suffering from gastric (gastritis, gastric reflux, ulcer) or liver diseases, or is taken together with medicines or supplements with anticoagulant effect.

Effects and Benefits

Garlic Oil Fight against free radicals. Detoxifying effect.

– acts efficiently in detoxifying the organs and freeing them from the toxicity of heavy metals, especially lead;

– combats conditions associated with heavy metal intoxication: nausea, headaches, migraines, increased tension;

– due to its chemical structure, it is extremely effective in neutralizing free radicals, which determine the aging process and illness;

– at the same time, Garlic helps the body to produce its own anti-oxidant enzymes;

– reduces the effects of oxidative stress especially on those with high blood pressure;

– helps to detoxify the liver

– supports the normal functioning of cells.


Garlic Capsules: A healthy brain and a strong heart.

– stops and delays the degenerative processes in the brain, protecting it from serious diseases;

– helps prevent cerebral accidents due to high blood pressure;

– maintains blood pressure at normal values ​​and causes peripheral vasodilatation;

– helps maintain the vascular walls and helps preventing the formation of blood clots;

– has a beneficial effect on the heart through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect;

– reduces LDL cholesterol levels;

– reduces fat accumulation;

– contributes to the prevention of atherosclerosis;

– by chelating excess copper and iron, it has a neuroprotective action and fights memory deficits

Increases the level of Estrogen. It helps the health of the bone system.

– acts in increasing the level of estrogen, in women, during menopause;

– helps to prevent the loss of bone density in women;

– adjuvant effect in the remediation and prevention of ailments manifested by the deterioration of the joints;

– helps to maintain a good physical shape and improve sports performance.


It is recommended to take food supplement Odorless Garlic 1000mg for:

  • Diseases of the osteo-articular system: rheumatism, osteoarthrosis.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system: arterial hypertension.
  • Degenerative diseases: slows down the evolution of cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia.
  • Heavy metal poisoning.
  • Cold and flu.
  • Bacterial and viral infections.
  • Broncho-pulmonary diseases: chronic bronchitis, pulmonary TB, cough.
  • Intestinal parasites.

Metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes.


Adults: 1-2 capsules of garlic oil, in the morning, before the meal.

Duration of administration

3 months, followed by a break of one month, after which the administration of the product can be resumed. A box of 30 capsules is enough for 30 days.


Avoid taking the food supplement Odorless Garlic Oil 1000mg if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Active ingredients/vegetable capsule:

Simag®55 purified natural marine magnesium 682 mg
100% standardized extract 55% magnesium providing magnesium
375 mg

* The products sold through the website are food supplements. Food supplements do not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. They do not require a medical prescription and do not replace a treatment prescribed by a specialist doctor. The effects of the products vary from one person to another depending on lifestyle, metabolism, age, state of health, etc. It is not mandatory to obtain the expected results, or those already obtained by the people who used our products. If you suffer from certain ailments, it is recommended to consult your doctor before using the product. You must not use the information present in these pages to diagnose or treat any health problem or disease or to replace the medicines and treatments prescribed by authorized medical personnel. Carefully read the description, label, packaging or leaflet of the product before using it!

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