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Male strength!


With a complex formula of natural ingredients, STRONG® is effective in treating the erectile dysfunction and increasing the male sexual performance.

Natural Potency Product that Increases the Duration of the Sexual Intercourse

The 100% natural composition of STRONG® potency tablets ensure effective action against the sexual problems that can occur in men. STRONG® has no side effects or contraindications.

The unique method of processing of 100% natural ingredients ensures a fast and intense therapeutic action.

STRONG® contains 9 concentrated bioactive components, extracted from the plants of Cabbage-grass, Maca, Fo-Ti, Bearberry, Damiana, Goji, Muira puama, Indian Ginseng / Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng, whose properties provide a rapid action on factors that increase libido, support the sexual performance of the man, virility, provides a strong erection and intense sexual pleasure. A preparation for maximum potency!

  • Tribulus terrestris – Promotes sexual desire and capacity; supports the reproductive health; supports urinary health;
  • Maca (Lepidium meyenii) – Natural aphrodisiac, energizes the body, increases male potency, physical stamina and libido, supports sexual activity, physical and mental performance;
  • FoTi (Poligonum multiflorum) – Effective in erectile dysfunction, provides sexual vigour; slows down the process of cellular ageing;
  • Bearberry (Heracleum sphondylium) – Contributes to the normal functioning of the sex glands; supports optimal sperm motility and increases sperm count, regulates blood pressure.
  • Damiana (Diffuse Turmeric) – Combats hormonal imbalances by stimulating the production of male hormones and has a natural aphrodisiac effect;
  • Goji (Lycium barbarum) – Protects the body from oxidative stress, lowers blood pressure, reduces fatigue and strengthens the body’s protective barrier against harmful agents;
  • Ptychopetalum olacoides – Increases the libido, male potency and sexual performance.
  • Indian ginseng/ Ashwagandha – Adaptogenic tonic, increases physical endurance, mental stress resistance, supports sexual health.
  • Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcussenticosus) – Promotes vitality; helps counteract fatigue and stress; contributes to optimal mental and cognitive activity; supports the immune system, improves sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Effects and Benefits

Natural Potency Enhancement Supplement with No Adverse Effects!

The tablets can be used daily just before the sexual intercourse in order to achieve a strong, stable erection as well as increased physical strength and energy.

A 30-day course of STRONG® will help you achieve a hard erection and control over the timing of ejaculation, thus prolonging the moments of pleasure for you and your partner.

STRONG® is a treatment against premature ejaculation and weak erection, an excellent supplement for increasing potency in men.

The tablets to stimulate potency in men can also be used occasionally, before sexual intercourse, thus achieving a considerable improvement in sexual performance.

Sexual Performance, Maximum Potency and Fertility, Natural Potency Enhancement

  • STRONG® increases the potency naturally. It:
  • Increases sexual performance;
  • Enhances the sexual pleasure for both partners;
  • Increases the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • STRONG® natural treatment increases libido and provides a strong erection;
  • Helps fight erectile dysfunction;
  • Helps prevent premature ejaculation and weak erections;
  • STRONG® fights impotence and infertility;
  • Increases the quality, motility and quantity of sperm fluid;
  • Contributes to urinary tract health;
  • Increases physical energy and resistance to emotional stress;
  • Stimulates the production of male hormones;
  • Fights against the hormonal imbalances in men;
  • Delays the age-related hormonal changes;


STRONG® is an excellent potency supplement with benefits in:

  • premature ejaculation,
  • sexual dysfunction,
  • erection problems,
  • poor erection,
  • low libido,
  • chronic fatigue.

Thanks to its specially selected natural ingredients, STRONG® can be used safely by men of all ages. No adverse reactions. Non-addictive and headache-free.



This potency supplement is not intended for children and adolescents. PROHIBITED FOR PERFORMANCE ATHLETES!

How to use

It is recommended 1 tablet/day, with a glass of water, after a meal, in courses of at least 2 months! A box of 30 tablets is sufficient for 30 days.


Do not exceed the recommended dose for daily consumption.

Keep out of reach and sight of small children.

Potency supplement not recommended for persons allergic to any of the product’s ingredients.


Active ingredients/tablet:

Kohlrabi/Tribulus terrestris (20:1 standardized fruit extract) 64 mg
Fo-Ti/Poligonum multiflorum (Standardized extract 20:1 from root) 64 mg
Maca/Lepidium meyenii (Standardized extract 20:1 from root) 64 mg
Hogweed/Heracleum sphondylium (Standardized extract 20:1 from root) 100 mg
Melissa (Melissa Officinalis) 4:1 leaf extract 64 mg
Damiana/Turnera diffussa (Standardized extract 20:1 from leaves) 32 mg
Goji/Lycium barbarum (Standardized extract 20:1 from fruit) 32 mg
Muira puama/Ptychopetalum olacoides (Standardized extract 20:1 from bark) 32 mg
Indian ginseng/Ashwagandha/Withania somnifera (Standardized extract 20:1 from root) 24 mg
Siberian ginseng/Eleutherococcus senticosus (Standardized extract 20:1 from root) 24 mg

Does not contain allergens. Zero calories.

* The products sold through the website are food supplements. Food supplements do not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. They do not require a medical prescription and do not replace a treatment prescribed by a specialist doctor. The effects of the products vary from one person to another depending on lifestyle, metabolism, age, state of health, etc. It is not mandatory to obtain the expected results, or those already obtained by the people who used our products. If you suffer from certain ailments, it is recommended to consult your doctor before using the product. You must not use the information present in these pages to diagnose or treat any health problem or disease or to replace the medicines and treatments prescribed by authorized medical personnel. Carefully read the description, label, packaging or leaflet of the product before using it!

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STRONG® Natural Product for Potency, Sexual Performance
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STRONG® Natural Product for Potency, Sexual Performance
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